Seoul from Afar

Hmm… Where do I start?

My name is Michael, I am a freelancing photographer living in Seoul, South Korea. I about half my time wandering around cities, neighborhoods and alleyways for interesting little tidbits to photograph. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to work with models and other photographers, or attend events but most of the time I’m just doing what I love without any direction or aim. That’s the happiest time for me, when my needle isn’t pointing North.


Wooden Gate

The rest of the time I try to divide my time between fashion photography and a more pointed style of travel photography trying to mix it up and try out some shoots in new areas using different techniques. It’s a mixture of sharpening old skills while trying out new things and learning new skills. For example, I recently learned how to hold my camera steady while balancing on one foot on top of an abandoned carnival ride which was placed on the edge of a steep cliff. Useful, fun but not exactly resume material.

Bumper cars


korea-autumn-red-coat-001All in all, I’m a photographer through and through. I’ve got formal training using the Adobe Suite and DSLR work (I’m part of the digital generation, film was never a part of arsenal). In addition I’m been trained in some of the more traditional Studio Arts (drawing, painting, sculpture) which always comes in handy. All that training came in handy but I’ll stop bothering you with words and let you get back to looking at my pictures. Enjoy!


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