I’d known about it for about a month since I ended up doing a bit of research on the event at work, but the 2014 PHOTO & IMAGING SHOW took place last weekend at COEX. A three-day event, the show floor is covered with lens and camera manufacturers along with individual sales booths and other lighting and imaging companies. Of course this year, the big three at the event were Canon, Nikon, and Samsung. Smaller companies like Rokinon, Tamron and a few other were also in attendance to round out the show. Sony also had a big booth but to be honest I didn’t spend much time there.


Canon  Booth

I’d say a good portion of my time was spent walking the accessories booths were merchant booths were set up with lens caps, tripods, lighting equipment, flash gear and a whole lot more. While a lot of brand names like National Geographic did show up, a lot of the smaller stores drew the largest crowds with their “sale” prices. Unfortunately for yours truly, the sales prices weren’t great enough for me to warrant a purchase.

Canon Lenses


Most of my time was devoted to wandering the third party lens set ups like Tamron and Rokinon while I did get a chance to head over to the Canon booth. Thankfully there were plenty of setups which allowed photographers to plug lenses into their own cameras and to test them out. To accommodate this, most of the booths either had small setups or models to test the lenses and cameras on. It wasn’t long before I was spending a few minutes trying to  vie for a decent shot.

Lens Test Shot 02

Lens Test Shot 01

Near the back of the exhibition hall was a small curated photography exhibition by amateurs and professionals in Korea. I’m not entirely sure if they were for sale or for hire, but there was a lot of business going on in small groups with (what I can only assume) was the photographer. My girlfriend and I wandered the area a bit but to be honest, it wasn’t entirely thrilling. There was another exhibition for Leica set up as well, unfortunately the line was entirely too daunting and we ended up passing on the opportunity.

Model 01

Model 03

All in all, it felt like time well spent. Mostly due to the experience and testing of different lenses that were available, good information for later. The show will be returning for 2015 and I’ll be sure to post a reminder before then. Thanks for reading.

Model 02



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