Hiking Namsan (N. Seoul Tower)

I didn’t actual try to hike the entire trail (that would be crazy), I took a bus to the top and then walked down. Along the way I was lucky enough to see the sights and have a good experience. I also ended up with a slightly twisted and ankle and sore joints. So… fun.

Adventures Far from Home

N Seoul Tower

Let me begin by saying that I didn’t hike up Namsan, rather I hiked down the mountain. The idea of hiking up a mountain lugging my laptop bag, camera, and tripod sounded like a small slice of Hell. I wasn’t alone as the bus heading up was completely full (strange for a Thursday afternoon) and the crowd was only larger once I reached the peak.

Cityscape 001

Polluted Cityscape

Once at the peak, I had my choice of paths to make my way back down to the bottom. For the most part, Namsan is surrounded by subway stations and, theoretically, each of the paths should drop you off near one. But this being my first foray down the mountain I decided to take a rather direct route down toward Myungdong. I can’t speak for the other trails but this one was about 1.2 km to the base of the mountain and another 1 km…

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