Traveling in Seoul, Wanderlust

Aged Temple

My day trips, like my brain, tend to wander more often than not. Sometimes I’ll find myself in dark alleyways or new stores but I always try to go places where I haven’t been before. It’s kind of like visiting somewhere you’ve been a million times only to avoid all the spots that you’ve already seen and all the paths you’ve already walked.

Honestly, it’s one of those things easier said than done. Half the time I end up having to go against my instincts down an alley or past buildings when I’m 90% sure that there’s nothing to see and I’m right 90% percent of the time. Sometimes an alley that looks like it dead ends into a pile of trash does just that. But sometimes it’ll lead me to a building with an unprotected roof that allows me unrestricted view of the city.

City Gate

All in all, I’d say about half of my trips yield decent photos that I end up working post on. Otherwise I’ll just go home at the end of the day with a slight sweat and an idea of where I might want to go the next time I go out to satisfy my wanderlust. Hopefully, I’ll have better luck on my next trip and I can post more photos. Until then, thanks for visiting.

Bridge at Dusk

Seoul from Afar


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