Re: From Inside Out, Right In Between

Breaking my tradition of photos with little to no introduction or exposition, I’ve decided to include some words. While I hope my work can speak for me, it doesn’t hurt to add a little something to fill the blank spaces. Without further ado, here’s a small shoot I did with Marisol at Yeoido Park a few weeks ago. You should definitely check out her own site @ TheUrbanGeneration.

Yeoido Park 004

I met Marisol on a cold winter afternoon. It wasn’t exactly under the best of circumstances really, she was running late and as I said, it was cold. It was also one of my first shoots with my new Canon 70D.

I wasn’t alone, it was a meetup for a few bloggers associated with IFBK. In fact I was shooting their inaugural photos for their new site. I’d met Diana and Elyse before but this was my first time meeting Gina and Marisol so I was nervous.

Yeoido Park 001

This was what led to my somewhat grateful reaction to Marisol’s lateness. I’m not anti-social (mostly) but I prefer to meet new people in waves and this gave me a chance to meet with Gina before Marisol and sometime to fine tune my new gear which would later malfunction anyways, but I digress.

When Marisol finally arrived, I was relieved to find she was nice with a moderate personality and kind tendencies. In other words, she was chill. It’s not often that I work with models but whenever I do I’m always a little worried that they’ll turn out to be divas or some sort of “-zilla”. Luckily enough this wasn’t so.

Being on a schedule I wasn’t able to spend as much time shooting as I might have preferred and correct for on-site issues (one of which would ruin a set of photos later). But it was fun meeting someone new and attached to the fashion world, and it’s always interesting to meet another Gyopo with another perspective of life abroad.

Yeoido Park 002


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